• Why slow GPS positioning, as well as on your cell phone is how to solve the problem.

    Found star time long, main is two factors constitute of: first is GPS signal of demodulation, can think need with similar poor lift of way solutions out real of information; second is GPS satellite sent 30 seconds once of cycle message, this cycle message has contains has this paragraph time each moment of satellite location, General have a cycle completed Hou, to collection to enough can projections equipment location of information. For cold starting, which is inevitable, the former pros and cons depending on the hardware and software of the receiver, this is known as GPS start without any knowledge of the reason for at least 30seconds.


    In practice, however, sometimes open the map software, are seeing instant positioning, but sometimes it may be a few minutes or even a few minutes was unable to locate is successful, this is why?

    Map APP successfully, are not necessarily GPS positioning

    First, WIFI positioning can be done very good accuracy, even indoors can be done 5M, the accuracy is worse than the GPS out, outdoors, WIFI positioning can also do 20M order of magnitude, which is slightly less than GPS, of tall buildings in the area, WIFI positioning accuracy better than GPS.

    Secondly, in the new version of Android and iOS are visible on the market system, deliberately blocked "GPS positioning successful" such a message, using positioning, location icon that is displayed and does not Flash (old Android system, will be blinking to show GPS no position), so that users who cannot know whether the results are generated.

    Before we discuss about, WIFI positioning, is instantaneous, so all the "GPS" position soon illusion.

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