• Iphone7 How to locate the location

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    Iphone 7 mobile phone how to locate the location of other people's location information below the apple iPhone7 phone how to find someone how to locate someone else's location information, hoping to help you.

    1. First in the settings to find the icloud option, in this column to open the phone positioning function. The premise is to know the apple ID and password, this function needs to open the state.

    2. Only need to open the computer's non IE browser, open the icloud official website, enter the ID and password to enter the phone's cloud PC platform.

    3. Click on the mobile phone positioning, while Apple will appear on the map, this is a general location, you can roughly know the location, if you need more intuitive you can open the satellite map, to detect the actual position and the position of the map, on the whole can still be found.

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