• Do you feel like your iPhone or iPad has some of the Spotlight search problems? Does the search result take a long time to show? You're not alone. There may be a bug related to the Spotlight index in iOS 10.3, and let's take a look at the specifics.

    The iPhone and the tablet if they are in a period of time didn't use Spotlight to search on the iOS device, at the time of using the Spotlight again, time needed for displaying search results will be longer than often use Spotlight users.


    The problem gets worse if users don't reactivate their iOS devices regularly. PhoneLookper thinks this is likely to be a bug in iOS 10.3, but apple appears to have found a solution in last week's iOS 10.3.2 update.

    So, if your iOS device has met the Spotlight search matter for a long time, it is best to equipment upgrade to the latest iOS 10.3.2 system, see if you can solve this problem. Finally, if you've upgraded to the latest system, leave a comment on your experience and some of the problems you encounter.

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    Anonymous  2021-03-21 05:58:33 Reply
    Anonymous  2021-03-28 06:06:21 Reply
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    Anonymous  2021-07-03 17:37:04 Reply
    Anonymous  2021-07-03 17:40:28 Reply
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    lxbfYeaa  2021-08-13 07:38:04 Reply
    lxbfYeaa  2021-08-13 08:14:19 Reply
    Anonymous  2021-09-13 01:50:40 Reply
    This is not working

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