• The next 10 years of global satellite and application industry development potential is huge. In 2015-2024, the world will be made to launch 1400 satellites, the satellite manufacturing and launch will generate $255 billion in revenue. Among them, the government sector is still dominant, but the 40 Commercial Aerospace Corp is expected to be manufactured in 10 years, the launch of 550 satellites.

    In terms of satellite communications, communications and broadcasting satellites will achieve global coverage and a high degree of commercialization, all kinds of business systems tend to convergence and to the development of broadband multimedia, the next generation of mobile satellites are stepping up deployment. The main driving force of the rapid development of the satellite multimedia broadcasting service from the mass market, broadband multimedia satellite communication is becoming an important part of the information infrastructure, satellite TV has become a pillar industry of satellite applications, mobile satellite communication services will be rapid development, and the important role of satellite communication in military communication environmental data collection and monitoring, emergency rescue and disaster relief communications and other countries in the field of military operations, the government will continue to strengthen.

    In the field of satellite navigation, satellite navigation and positioning system is accelerating the construction and competition of global satellite navigation system development has entered the "global positioning system", the Russian "GLONASS satellite navigation system (GLONASS), Europe's Galileo satellite navigation system" and the "China Beidou satellite navigation system four systems, covering the region and enhance coexistence of multi system satellite navigation system of the times, and other information system between the mutual penetration and integration, integration has become the future development trend of global satellite navigation system. The global satellite navigation industry has shown a shift from a single application compatible with the GPS application to the system, from the main navigation and mobile communication and Internet application to navigation application integration, mainly the three development direction of the transition to products and services both from the terminal application.

    In satellite remote sensing, satellite remote sensing in the future service mode will be more perfect, the future will develop and form a by the government and the business sector to share satellite mode development and launch costs; commercial remote sensing system based on high resolution satellite terrestrial, satellite remote sensing products Monopoly and the brand effect will continue to enhance communication, and navigation, networking technology integration, its application will be more extensive, global earth observation and service ability will be strengthened.

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