• Location Deviation on Mobile Phone Map

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    Now the mobile phone on the map are used in GPS base station location, location, location and navigation location, base station location and positioning accuracy by mixed base distribution density and WiFi to provide data, although hybrid positioning can cover most of the scenes, but some uncertain factors will affect the positioning accuracy. For example, a temporary mobile station for some large-scale activities will affect the accuracy of base station location, and if the router position has changed, and the position of the WiFi database is not updated, then it may lead to WiFi positioning errors, some people doubt: positioning on the GPS? GPS positioning is not allowed?

    It is understood that in the open (plain), GPS high positioning accuracy, and GPS positioning in indoor area city intensive precision deviation, this is what we call the next shift; we know about GPS is how to achieve positioning according to the satellite signal, the GPS includes three parts: space GPS satellite constellation and ground monitoring system and user GPS signal receiver.

    The basic principle of GPS positioning is ephemeris parameters and time information of the satellite launch time, GPS signal receiver receives the signal, according to the triangle formula can get the position of the receiver, the three satellites of 2D location (longitude and latitude), four satellites can locate 3D (longitude, latitude and altitude). The receiver receives information constantly updated, we can calculate the speed and direction of movement.

    In fact, mobile phone map positioning errors, and not only the mobile phone itself caused by the outside world, many factors can affect the positioning accuracy of mobile phone map, so we use mobile phone positioning map, to avoid the impact caused by human factors, combined with the use of real time environment, the maximum degree of our life, bring convenience for life.

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