• Android Google device manager works almost as much as an apple. But there is no pre installed Service on the phone, you need to download the application from the Play store, and set to use. The method is as follows:

    1 search the Android device manager, or click on the link in the Play store.

    2 install the application, and then use your Google account to log in.

    3 to cancel the "no longer ask me" check box. If this box is selected, any user who has the right to access your device can disable this feature or track other devices.


    If you have lost your cell phone, you can use the other Android devices to track your mobile phone, or access the Android Google Device Manager Web site. You need to use the Google account on your phone to log on to the site.

    Using this application, you can play the sound on the device, lock the device. Or erase all data. Like iPhone, if the device is closed, you will not be able to track it until it is re opened and connected to the network.

    How to retrieve the phone of other systems?

    Android and iOS are currently the highest rate of use of mobile phones, but not all. Phone Microsoft users can follow the instructions in the Windows to operate. BlackBerry 10 users can use Protect BlackBerry tracking lost devices.

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