• If the user is enabled password or fingerprint protection in iPhone, then after the lost or stolen user can also through the "Find My iPhone" function to retrieve. According to Apple Corp recently acquired patents, if iPhone is in a state of shutdown users can also activate the "My iPhone Find" function, in order to facilitate the user more easily locate lost or stolen mobile phone location.

    First, the My iPhone Find feature allows the owner to locate the phone through the iCloud account, but when the phone is in a shutdown state and the SIM card is removed, the case can not be tracked. But in the recent patent, Apple has applied the advanced version of My iPhone Find function, no matter what the status of the mobile phone users can be positioned.


    According to the Patent Description, iPhone will launch a dedicated internal timer, automatically open the My iPhone Find function every time, to send the current location information to the master. This feature is used without the power of the state, the iPhone will not have much impact on the life, so in the case of no electric power is still able to use the My iPhone Find function.

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