• One, in-depth modification of the positioning logic. Obviously, this kind of thing is just a handful of the most proficient in driving people to do, app developers can not do -- what Android and iOS open GPS receiver solution has no logic?. In fact, this is a black box inside the radio and the same, which developers have you seen that claim to improve mobile phone performance and improving audio playback quality, improve signal quality? IOS don't take the basic function of the realization of the logic to open up, how to improve?

    Two, may be able to do in the mobile phone, Paper general building based on the profile of a reflection model, for example, is not a building near the building? How high, what is the contour of the ground floor, we all know, then according to the details of the satellite (such as azimuth, elevation, signal-to-noise than, is involved in positioning) to guess some satellite launch to the mobile phone signal is not disturbed, if the two lines across the floor, then we have reason to believe that the satellite signal propagation distance may be longer than the actual, so we put the positioning results in this satellite position to do some revision.

    Second, it is very difficult to do a good job, because this is just the principle. At that time the user's real location is not known, so there is no way to judge whether there is no reflection, can only be used as a hidden variable to solve. Other factors are also a lot, such as the floor of the data from where? How to ensure that the building profile of the measurement results are accurate?

    However, to determine whether the location of the GPS phone is really accurate, this ratio determines the real location of the device in the GPS drift, or to be easier. First GPS itself to a radius out, although not allowed, but can also be used as a reference. Secondly GPS there are a large number of satellite details of the distribution of information, is enough to determine whether the statistical results of the cloud to determine whether accurate. As long as you can recognize the real error of GPS positioning, its significance has been great, such as in the navigation, will avoid yaw, in positioning, you can use the WIFI location instead of GPS, to achieve two-way integration of real. However, this work is a test of the developer's technology.

    With the continuous progress of technology, the method will be more and more.

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