• Mobile phone positioning error of GPS, generally by two kinds of error caused by the first error, ionosphere and receiving equipment but this error is Nissan application it's not so deadly, because in the open area, GPS positioning by mobile phone, such errors are less than 10 meters. To improve the error, to mobile phone antenna and chip improvements, such as differential dual frequency GPS receiver, its accuracy than ordinary mobile phone GPS to high precision, can be done within one meter, is not very powerful? However, precision at 5 meters, is also good, so the power of the mobile phone manufacturers to solve the problem not too strong. The second error is the occlusion, multipath effects produced by the error, this error is really fatal, can reach a few hundred meters, or even on the kilometer.

    The following figure is an example of mobile phone positioning error. Green is the mobile phone line, yellow is the result of mobile phone positioning, is not a great error?


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